entry #2

well, insanity starting to get the best of me, and now im here at school not doing my work typing on the computer.  don't think i'll graduate this year. and thats ok, i never want to look back and say; oh i was such a loser back in high school, a loner, a quiet shy childish kid. i did changed but that was last year, and when i came back, this whole shyness started again. i was at the top of my time, I could talk, i could feel confident and now its gone. i just need to write my feeligns down somehwerre and it might as well not be around my friends or on a word document here at school.  Sigh... it's 10;05 am central time where I am. 24/02/2015.  i try to smile and hide the pain. i know they can't do anything about it. i went through therapy about suicide before, tha was from bullying, but now it's different, now it's from isolation and decay of my mind. it feels good to get this all out. i don't think anyone else is here on ince i'm going to another entry for tomorrow. i'm fine. im not dead yet. see ya tomorrow! ;)